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As 2023 begins, with all of the hope a new year brings, we remain determined to pursue a brighter, more just future for all—no exceptions. 

As we continue to build a more just future together, will you tell us matters most to you? Take this one-question survey and let us know what you envision for our kids, our schools and our communities. 

We hope you found a moment in the past few weeks to pause, so you can look ahead in clarity. Recharge, so you can act with optimism. And spend time with loved ones, so you can remember that our well-being is connected.  

It’s that connection that fueled everything we accomplished together last year.  Across race and place, millions of Americans saw the 2022 elections as a choice between freedom and fascism and voted to protect our families and futures. We came together last year to win student debt relief, more resources for our schools, investments in clean energy and the freedom to marry the person we love. 

What would our wins look like? Which freedoms can we protect and expand? How would we unite to strive for justice for all?  

Take a moment and picture the future you hope for and share what you imagine with us. A clear vision for a just future starts now and it starts with us.

Forward together,

The EdJustice Team 

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