LG_socjus_racialjustice_201aOur education system while intended to uphold equal opportunity, often also entrenches disparities by its sheer design.

In July, the NEA passed a resolution to challenge ourselves — 3 million of our nation’s educators — to discuss and fight institutional racism in our schools. We are engaging our members to dialogue and look through a clearer lens when examining policy and practice in our school systems and our communities.

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3 questions to ask yourself before engaging with others on institutional racism

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School Safety and Guns 


Restorative Practices

School-Wide Restorative Practices: Step by Step Taking Restorative Practices School-wide: Insights from Three Schools in Denver Restorative Practices: Fostering Healthy Relationships & Promoting Positive Discipline in Schools


Talking about Race, Islamophobia and Race-Based Bullying 

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