Podcasts for Power

Our strength, and our ability to rewrite the rules extends from our vibrant communities and our powerful stories. Those powerful stories build connection and community. Take a listen to some of the leading diverse voices laying down deep discussions about the joys and challenges as we join together to create a more just future in our schools and communities.

You can listen here or wherever you find your podcasts.




The Immigrantly Podcast is a minority women owned & run weekly podcast that features immigrants from all different walks of life to share their immigrant experiences. Immigrantly deconstructs the archaic stereotypes of what it means to be an immigrant, a child of immigrants, a person of color and everything in between.


Continental Shifts


Bi-coastal educators embark on a voyage in search of self, culture, and the ancestors. As Samoan and Filipino Americans, they’ll explore their own identities byway of dialogue on education, politics, union organizing, and hop hop.


Too Dope Teachers and a Mi‪c‬

Kevin Adams and Gerardo Muñoz are #unicorns: Men of color who are classroom teachers. As they write on their podcast page, “Most folx don’t get us. Most systems in school aren’t set up for us. A lot of students are like us. We give voice to the voiceless every two weeks because, as Arundhati Roy argued, there is no such thing as the silent. Only the silenced. Take a walk on the dark side with us.”


All of the Above


Welcome to “All of the Above,” the show that gives you an un-standardized take on education! As its creators write, the podcast is “your home for news and analysis of all the complex, relevant, and controversial issues impacting our schools today.” Hosted by the super-dope duo of history teacher Dr. Manuel Rustin and principal-leader Jeffrey Garrett, two Black male lifelong educators based in Los Angeles.


TransLash Podcast with Imara Jones


With anti-trans violence and political backlash at all-time highs, award-winning journalist Imara Jones hosts this podcast where trans people and allies talk back about what matters most, and discuss how to create a fairer world for all.


Queer America‬


Without LGBTQ history, there is no American history. From Teaching Tolerance and hosts Leila Rupp and John D’Emilio, Queer America takes listeners on a journey that spans from Harlem to the Frontier West, revealing stories of LGBTQ life we should have learned in school.


All My Relations

Food Sovereignty: A Growing Movement


Are you truly sovereign if you can’t feed yourselves? The March 2019 episode of “All My Relations” delves into a topic we can all relate to: We all got to eat! But how are we eating, or better, WHAT are we eating?  And how has colonization disrupted our relationship with our traditional foods? 

That is why today’s discussion on food sovereignty is so important because we all know that colonialism destroyed our food systems, sometimes on purpose and sometimes as a byproduct of other colonial policies— But separating Native peoples from the way we traditionally ate and harvested was a very effective tool of colonization.



The Edge of Sports

Hidden History: The Civil Rights Movement and the Black Athlete‬


The May 2020 episode of “The Edge of Sports” podcast features educator and author Jesse Hagopian discussing the history of Black athletes and their intersection with the Civil Rights Movement. Hagopian and host Dave Zirin touch on the famous hidden stories of people like Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali, as well as people you may never have heard of like Wyomia Tyus and Rose Robinson. The event was put on by the Zinn Education Project. 

Hagopian is an award-winning educator and a leading voice on issues of educational equity, the school-to-prison-pipeline, standardized testing, the Black Lives Matter at School movement, and social justice unionism.



Self-Evident Asian America’s Stories‬


The struggle to save lives from COVID-19 is far from over, and neither is America’s struggle against racism.

As the “Self Evident” podcast reported on hate crime and anti-racist actions, co-hosts Cathy and James hopped on the phone in their August 2019 episode and checked in with a couple of their friends in podcasting: Paola Mardo (who tells stories from the Filipino diaspora on Long Distance) and Ahmed Ali Akbar (who covers the social, cultural, and political experiences of American Muslims on See Something Say Something).

“Self Evident” is a podcast that challenges the narratives about where we’re from, where we belong, and where we’re going — by telling Asian America’s stories.