Below is a gallery of 18 images of parachute banners that were created by members of the National Education Association and community allies as a part of art builds held around the country to be used in local actions, rallies and marches.

Parachute banners create powerful visual images at events and create a sense of connection. The banners measure 25’ in diameter and take at least 10 people to display via the handles around the perimeter.

Parachute banners are available to NEA members, local unions and state affiliates for organizing in your community.  All requests are subject to availability and verification of union membership.

Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. All banners must be returned within 10-days of the event to qualify for free shipping.

To request a parachute banner for your event, please scroll through 18 options in the gallery below, select a banner and then fill in and submit the form below the gallery. You will receive information about availability and shipping within two business days.


Fill out and submit the form below to request a parachute banner: