Pledge to Support Honesty in Education

No matter our color, background, or zip code, we want our kids to have an education that imparts honesty about who we are, integrity in how we treat others, and courage to do what’s right. But some politicians are using the dog whistle strategy of distraction and division –trying to dictate what teachers say and block kids from learning our shared stories of confronting injustice to build a more perfect union. We demand that our schools have the resources to meet every child’s needs with well-trained and supported teachers and a curriculum that helps them reckon with the past and shape our future.

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Racial Justice in Education

Pledge to take actions that will address access and opportunity for all students by highlighting inequities, increasing awareness, and organizing for change.




Talking About Race

Resources to help facilitate conversations about race, including classroom appropriate lesson plans, guides on having tough conversations with peers and students, and more...

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Lesson Plans

Black Lives Matter at School resources for educators, including books, videos, K-12 lesson plans and a 2020 curriculum resource guide.

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School Board Activism

Tips on working with school boards and making your advocacy for students the best it can be, including a step-by-step guide to getting a resolution passed in your school district

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