School Reopening: Ensuring Safe, Just and Healthy Learning

Organizing for Safe, Healthy and Just Schools With Your School Board

If we’re serious about making sure every child can learn safely and pursue their dreams during this pandemic and beyond, let’s get serious about doing what works. As the COVID 19 pandemic continues to intensify, parents, educators, and communities are waiting to see how schools will be able to reopen safely this fall. By joining together across race and ZIP code, we can rewrite the rules to ensure that school districts are asking the right questions and ensuring that no matter where students are learning this year that every school has the materials, up-to-date strategies, healthy meals and emotional support to set kids up to be all that they dream.

Science, not politics, must drive decisions about how and when to reopen schools. School districts must ensure the health and safety of students, staff, families and communities. Instead of setting up public health, the economy, and the educational needs of students as competing priorities, elected school boards can use this model school board resolution to ensure that the school community can provide all students the care and attention and learning opportunities they are guaranteed and deserve.

View the resolution and share with your networks and local elected officials today!

Sample Resolution: Ensuring Safe and Just Schools for All Students


A Social and Racial Justice Checklist for Safe, Healthy and Just Learning

Education technology is a tool to enhance and enrich instruction for students.  Working technology and WiFi are necessary for students to complete assignments and access needed resources — even when not facing full-time virtual learning environments.

Ask yourself the following questions when planning or assessing digital or in-person schooling through a racial justice lens:

A Social and Racial Justice Checklist for Safe, Healthy and Just Learning