Our schools, students, educators need the Dream Act now!


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  1. MarineBob – If it was up to people like you, public schools would be understaffed, underfunded, and over mandated whether we had illegals or not. It isn’t like you’re a real supporter of public education Bob. What you are is some alt. right troll planted to stoke division. Blaming children of illegals for all our nations problems is your mantra.

    1. Thank you for explaining my motivation. I would never have known. Of course, it is a liberal desire to have zero confrontation. Just give away everyone else’s money and everything will be fine, and do not question a liberal, they are always right.

    2. Is there a particular reason you fail to address a comment made by others? Simply making degrading comments when a rational notion is presented is not exactly a sign of willingness to learn.

      1. Marine Bob – I have little learn from the likes of you. What you view as “rational” I see as divisive and counterproductive mouthed by someone who can’t possibly be an actual educator. Otherwise, you would see these issues from the lens of what’s in the best interests of children, ALL children, and not shrouded in some ideologically skewed political cloak. But please feel free to keep on posting. I’ll keep calling you out.

  2. Why do schools need to have illegal aliens on their roles? Most schools are chronically understaffed, underfunded and mandated to do more with less. So why is it good that there be more students? Especially those who are here illegally.

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