Educators, students and communities stand up for immigrants in May 1st events across the country


By Kate Snyder

Educators, activists and community leaders rallied in state capitols, marched in the streets and took action in their communities to call out the danger of divesting from our communities to build walls and perpetuate fear.  The NEA and the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools (AROS) joined together to organize May 1st events alongside immigration, labor and civil rights advocates.

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May 1st is International Workers Day and is traditionally marked with celebration and protest.  Thousands of people from State Houses to School Boards to the Streets made clear that until there is justice for all, educators will continue to stand with their communities.

In Texas, educators joined the protest united against the threat of Senate Bill 4 (SB 4) which includes a “show me your papers” provision, permits police officers to question children about their immigration status, mandates fines and jail time for elected and law enforcement officials who refuse to comply, and allows immigration enforcement at domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters and pre-kindergarten schools.  Protestors called on Governor Abbott to veto SB 4, calling it an anti-immigrant and anti-democracy piece of legislation. *UPDATE: SB4 passed the Texas Legislature and is headed to Governor Abbott’s desk to be signed into law.

Meanwhile, in California educators staged early morning “walk-ins” to greet students and parents on their way to school, held training sessions for parents on defense against the immigration agenda and participated in marches to show support for all students and families.

Educators, students and community members boarded busses to join the May Day protest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Thousands of people marched from Milwaukee’s south side to the county courthouse in support of immigrants’ rights and in defiance of policies espoused by Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. and President Donald Trump.

Educators in Jefferson County, Colorado were joined by State Senators and Representatives who added their voice in support of immigrant communities.

In Massachusetts, educators added their voices to the May Day March for Immigrant and Worker Rights.

In Newark, NJ hundreds of educators and students joined rallies in support of immigrants at May Day protests.

In Minnesota, educators joined with community members to demand Trump build schools, not walls!

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