Eight reasons why Trump’s first 100 days set Civil Rights back 100 years


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  1. I agree that the NEA is getting out of control with trying to tell educators what to believe. Maybe as an educated educator, I feel I am free to disagree with the statements made. However, the way the NEA words articles, it makes it sound like anyone who disagrees is a horrible person. State the facts and ONLY the facts-if you can-and let educated people decide what to believe.

    1. How can any thinking person disagree with Kristin’s comment? The NEA editors seem to act like they know what is right and consider that everything else is wrong and evil

  2. Of all the problems listed the worst was to appoint an attorney general who would gut the voting rights act if he could.

    I know that voter suppression is alive and well in many southern states. One precinct in North Carolina had a polling place on a college campus for the convenience of students. When they found out that many students voted Democratic they moved the polling place to a location more than 1/4 mile from a bus stop and with limited parking hoping to discourage voting.

    Practices like that rig elections, especially given the winner take all practice of the Electoral Collge.

  3. And the last administration, led by a community activist, ignored international issues with a head in the sand approach. And his racist, pot stirring nonsense like the ‘beer’ summit. The net result is the current administration’s need to protect this country and Israel from nut case regimes who would rid the world of our way of line, Christianity and Judaism. Yeah, Trump is evil. Face reality and recognize that transgender bathrooms are not the pressing issue of the day.

    1. MarineBob – At least the last administration was consistent. Your current president ran on the populist platform of turning America’s back on world affairs, putting America first, pulling out of NAFTA and NATO, and retreating this nation back to an isolationist cocoon. Funny how that’s all changed now that he sees things from a different perspective.

      1. Like OB promised to close Gitmo…Yada…. yada….yada. By the way, unless you have renounced citizenship, Trump is your president.

        1. MarineBob – Until Trump stops campaigning(yes he’s still campaigning) to the 26% of eligible voters who supported him and reaches out to ALL Americans, he’s never going to be my president or the president of the vast majority of Americans. In the meantime, he’s all yours my friend.

          1. Logic, which is a pervasive concept to many liberals, would suggest that those who say Trump is not their president while insisting they are American citizens have some sort of problem with understanding. Trump may not be the person for whom you voted, you may not like him, you may not like his approach, you may not like the electoral system so brilliantly established by the founding fathers, you may think that Hillary Clinton is not a criminal, you may think her husband is not a philandering fool, you might believe that Sanders is not a whacked socialist who would happily spend all your tax money (but not his) on socialistic causes, you might cheer when Warren clucks at campaign rallies and then condemns anyone who challenges her, you might believe that guns are evil, you probably believe that climate change is a man made phenomenon, you might think the NEA is not a myopic, union loving organization that wastes millions of members dollars on silly cartoons and supporting losing causes, but alas, if you are a citizen, Trump is your president.

            I suppose one might ask, if Trump is not your president, who is? Is your world so narrowly constructed that you believe the country does not have a president? Is the White House really vacant of a person assigned the title?

            1. No Bob I don’t feel like we have a president….the person who was elected is not acting anything like a president. he has no idea what he is doing. I am an American citizen and I support this country…..not the man who is now pretending to be president. The USA is not the president…..the president only works for the USA….and it is the responsibility of American citizens to stand up for their country, even if that means standing us against the person elected president.

            2. While Trump is not the president of my choice, he IS the president of this country whether any of us like it or not. I will continue to show respect for the office of the POTUS, even if I cannot respect, or trust, the office-holder. And, seriously, it has been a while since I was able to respect the person holding the office.

  4. The U.S. education policy is a wonder to behold. The word education is not found in the U.S. Constitution so it is a “reserved” power not controlled by the Federal government. Education was given to the States for them to control, tax, pay for and provide by the people of the states no Federal control. Education in one state would be different from another because of local conditions. Rural agricultural areas would have education based on that idea. Industrial areas would provide a different education. Basic reading, writing and math would dealt with as needed in local areas. Total education would be an over-all coverage to fit the need of the nation, people needed would, could move to a location or from a location to match the need. Advanced education beyond high school basic can be provided by state endorsed public programs if needed. The need for “repair it” and prosper allows for personal choice by individuals and economic needs. President Trump is not evil but realistic he realizes an earned, work for it, education means more to individuals.

  5. I would caution against making our NEA outlets a politically biased blog. I feel the way the information was presented we look as biased and questionable as the main stream media. I am neither a Trump supporter or an anti Trump supporter, I am a United States educator who believes that promoting political bias is dangerous. Jumping on the train of potential tensions or “maybe’s” is not the job of the NEA. We have survived many Republican and Democratic presidents and continued to educate students through funding challenges, changes in leadership, changes in laws, standards, testing challenges, etc. Simply state what changes are happening and let your educators make their own “educated” interpretations.

      1. T Zein + MarineBob – The ship never left the dock. NEA has always been a stronghold of democratic support but feel free to keep beating your heads against that wall.

        1. Now that’s a logical mature approach: always support a single party, regardless of who is right or wrong. Neither group is all right or all wrong at any point in time. The real answer lies in term limits for all office holders so that new ideas are forwarded and deep routed alliances that prevent clear thinking and rational action are dissolved.

          1. MarineBob – Sorry Bob, but the GOP is wrong on public education. They would like nothing more than to see privatization and vouchers erase this system out of existence leaving the poor and those with special needs with no affordable alternative. As a public educator I oppose them in this pursuit. I would think you would oppose such a threat to your own profession as well, but you don’t b/c you’re either a troll, or a very uninformed actor who likes voting against his/her self interest. Which is it?

            Btw, term limits would require an amendment to the Constitution with the approval of 2/3rds of Congress and ratified by 38 out of 50 states. Good luck with that one.

            1. There is a fairly strong strong movement in a number of states to convene a constitutional review. I do agree that the entrenched politicians would not support their own removal from office. So it is up to the voters o. F the land to exercise their term limit power

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