Time to choose: Clinton and Trump offer vastly different education visions


by Félix Pèrez

With Election Day just nine days away, it’s an ideal time to review the positions of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on public education.

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To begin with, the candidates’ backgrounds when it comes to students, families and public education are dramatically different.

While a 24-year-old law school student working for the Children’s Defense Fund, Clinton went undercover in the deep South to expose academies set up to circumvent a Supreme Court ruling banning school segregation. While also at the Children’s Defense Fund, she gathered testimonials from families in New Bedford, Mass., about the lack of schooling for their children with disabilities. The information contributed to the passage of a federal law, now known as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

As First Lady of Arkansas, Clinton implemented Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters, or HIPPY, which now serves 15,000 families in 21 states. And as First Lady of the United Sates, Clinton worked with congressional Democrats and Republicans to create and pass the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, expanding health care to 8 million children.

As for Trump, his sole education experience, Trump University, has resulted in multi-million lawsuits. In one, the New York Attorney General alleges Trump defrauded thousands of students who spent as much as $35,000 for seminars and mentoring delivered by unqualified instructors using deceptive practices.

Here, then, are specific proposals the candidates have offered:


  • Trump, speaking at a failing for-profit charter school in Cleveland, said he would take $20 billion from existing federal education programs to give to states for private school vouchers and charter schools. “I will be the nation’s biggest cheerleader for school choice,” said Trump. Unclear is whether he would gut education programs such as Title I, Pell Grants and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to fund his voucher plan.
  • Clinton opposes school vouchers. “I don’t support vouchers. . . because I don’t think we can afford to siphon dollars away underfunded from public schools.” The former Secretary of State has been critical of charter schools: Too many charter schools “don’t take the hardest-to-teach kids, or if they do, they don’t keep them. And so the public schools are often in a no-win situation.”


  • Clinton: “We should be ruthless in looking at tests and eliminating them if they do not actually help us move our kids forward.” International Business Times, 10/24/15
  • Trump: No position.


  • Clinton: “I will ensure that teachers always have a seat at the table in making decisions that impact their work.” U.S. News & World Report, 10/03/15
  • Trump: “Schools are crime-ridden and they don’t teach.” “The America We Deserve,” by Donald Trump, 07/02/00


  • Clinton‘s New College Compact spells out how students can attend a four-year public college without taking loans for tuition, and attend community college tuition-free. In-state, public universities would be tuition-free for families of four making $85,000 or less; the income cap would rise $10,000 a year until 2021, to include families making up to $125,000; and no one would have to pay more than 10 percent of their monthly income. “We should have debt-free college if you go to a public college or university. You should not have to borrow a dime to pay tuition.” Business Insider, 02/27/16
  • Trump blames the ballooning cost of college on bloated college administrations and bureaucracies and federal regulations. Trump vows to reduce those regulations. He argues that schools with “huge endowments” that don’t do enough to keep tuition rates low should no longer be exempt from paying taxes on their endowments. He proposes streamlining the current “complex maze” of student loan repayment programs to a single income-based repayment program. As for specifics, Trump said, “We’re going to work it out big league.”


  • Trump views teacher-led unions as an obstacle. “Our public schools have grown up in a competition-free zone, surrounded by a very high union wall. Why aren’t we shocked at the results? After all, teachers’ unions are motivated by the same desires that move the rest of us.”
  • Clinton has a longstanding relationship with teacher unions. “I have this idea that when we’re making decisions about education, we should actually listen to educators.”


  • Trump pledges to repeal DACA, President Obama’s executive order that allows undocumented individuals who came to the United States as children, DREAMers, to receive temporary relief from removal, pursue a college degree and apply for work authorization.
  • Clinton says she will defend DACA and DAPA, an executive order that protects immigrant families. Absent action by Congress, Clinton says she will enact a system for parents of DREAMers, those with a history of service and contribution to their communities, or those who experience extreme labor violation, to make their case and be eligible for deferred action.


  • From mocking a reporter with a disability, to demeaning women for their appearance, to calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “criminals,” Trump has used hostile and divisive rhetoric and behavior since the launch of his campaign. Trump’s rhetoric has encouraged an increase in hurtful behavior and intimidation that is being reported in communities across the country. The so-called Trump Effect, according to a national survey of educators by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is producing fear and anxiety in schools across the country.
  • Clinton announced an anti-bullying plan, Better Than Bullying, that would provide $500 million to help children, families and educators confront the challenge of bullying by developing anti-bullying plans. “We all know that bullying is a real problem in our classrooms our playgrounds and online – and teachers have reported that this election has made it worse. I want you to know, we’re going to launch a major new effort to help states and communities and schools and families end bullying wherever it takes place.”


  • Clinton: “When I put together all the influences on me and what I really cared about, it was to be a champion and advocate for kids. That’s why I helped create the Children’s Health Insurance Program.” FactCheck.org
  • Trump vows to “completely repeal” the Affordable Care Act, which among other things, allows young adults who cannot get coverage through their jobs to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26. It has resulted in 5.7 million young adults getting health coverage.

Reader Comments

  1. Correction, the majority of folks voted for Clinton. But I’ll support Trump anyway. My eyes are more with congress and what plans they have for education.

  2. It would appear that the NEA invested thousands, maybe millions? on the wrong candidate. Might be a good point in time to change the NEA charter such that the ‘management’ can not spend hard earned union dues on political campaigns. Perhaps a better investment would be to support an amendment that establishes term limits for politicians. The only ‘losers’ in that battle would be incumbents who spend decades in public office enriching themselves at taxpayer expense.

  3. Well, it now seems that the majority (albeit slim) of Americans didn’t buy Hillary’s wonderful contributions to the nation. Ya got to wonder what her next act will be…..probably toss the Bumpkin…….too much baggage. Think she’ll ever send any more e-mails???/

  4. Bon Jovi? JayZ? Beonce? (sp??) Springsteen? (Sp?) Tom Brady? What is this, a popularity-rock concert? If there is a God, if God is male or female, only that entity MIGHT be able to save this nation now.

    1. Bob – That’s ok. Trump had Ted Nugent stumping in Michigan who quickly uttered a profanity and grabbed his crotch to tell the audience where he had his blue state. I’m sure Trump felt an instant bro-mance b/c he’s also well versed in “locker room talk” and grabbing that area…at least on females.

      1. I’m glad you can always retain your partisan focus. You might note that Brady was an endorsement for Trump. I really an impressed with your either or mentality and ability to dismiss anything you do not understand

        1. Bob – Your negative Hillary vitriol is woven into almost every comment you make on this list. So when it comes to partisan focus, don’t judge me.

          1. So my views have some impact on yours? Why does hating a criminal make a person partisan? she is a criminal. If elected, she will be escorted from the White House in handcuffs How does my clear understanding of a person with essential no moral compass make anything else different?

  5. Hillary is a criminal! I will be voting straight republican ticket. I hate the fact that I pay money to this organization who is obviously an extension of the Democratic Party. I am forming an organization within yours for Republican teachers who are tired of your liberal crap. Where are you going to stand when the entire Clinton machine goes down this week and is locked up. How “pro-education” will Hillary be in jail? Here is the the big question. How can you be against bullying but think it is ok to kill a innocent baby inside the mother’s womb?

    1. Chris – Exactly what “crime” has Hillary committed? In addition, last time I checked we were living under a democratic system. The losers of the ticket don’t get imprisoned the week after the election. You’re thinking of banana republics run by small-time dictators. Maybe you should move to one of those places first before you establish your organization for Republican teachers.

    2. If you are an educator then you should know better. Trump is a bully and you are the gang that is following him.

    3. If Hillary were a criminal, the Republican party would have already made sure she was in jail. They can’t because she is not. And I am so tired of you Republican that are blind because they REFUSE to see; you constantly fall back on the abortion issue every time you have no other valid argument. FACT: it doesn’t matter what the President’s position is because the President does not make this decision, the people did/do.

  6. My only criticism of Hillary’s ideas about education is the money that would be allotted nation wide to fund anti bullying plans. Waste of money. Until parents begin to PARENT, bullying will continue. By the time a child reaches school at age 5, he/she already has been taught and has formed moral values based on social interaction and hierarchy.

  7. From reviewing the proposals of both candidates strictly on education, it’s clear that a vote for Trump is a vote against public education. As an educator, I can’t see that supporting Trump will improve my life or the lives of my students in ANY way. It amazes me there’s even any debate here.

    1. I think you are wrong, Hillary wants students to be able to attend community colleges for free, but that is just the same as a vote against school choice, which I am very much in favor of. An equitable arrangement would be for any graduating senior to be funded at the college of his/her choice, not just the community or state colleges, which might not be the most prestigious. Hillary’s way is the same as extending public high school. Well then, simply extend public high school to include the college level, so local taxpayers have a say in whether/how their tax dollars will go to fund it. Hillary wants public community college for our children, but I doubt she would ever allow her own progeny to attend a community college. Everything I see Hillary say is the same. It’s fine for you to do as I say, but I do my own thing, with my millions.

    2. Extremely myopic view of the needs of this nation. As other commenters noted, if the economy and world situation can be improved, education, along with all the other parts of the county’s ailments will he helped.

      Clinton will continue her nonsense, Billy Bumpkin will continue to harass women, Hillary will continue to intimidate and cover up his philandering ways.

      The congress will spend next few years working towards indicting, impeaching and removing this tramp-criminal from office. None of that will help education or anything else.

      The answer to education problems is to get the federal government out of education issues, and enable an amendment that limits terms for all politicians.

      The interim answer of Hillary will be a disaster for everyone in this nation.

      1. Bob – Talk about myopic! You’ve got the tail trying to wag the dog here. An educated citizenry is what improves your economy not the other way around. Trump supporters are largely blue collar and uneducated that have been left behind by automation and globalization in the 21st century. Much as Trump promises to recapture their jobs, that’s not going to happen. They’re gone for good. Retraining current workers and preparing their children for the needs of the future is the answer. Where are Trump’s promises of large scale investments in education Bob?

        1. I am not sure who you know as Trump supporters but my experience is that anyone with any understanding of the values of this nation understand that the Clintons are criminals: Billy Boy is a philandering abuser of women and his hag wife is a disgusting example for any woman to emulate. They both have amassed a small fortune by somehow intimidating scores of followers to enable their criminal enterprises and excusing his behavior through fear and threats.

          Worrying only about education, and believing that a focus only on education is truly myopic. Moreover, no one familiar with how the real world works would ever, ever endorse federal intervention in education issues.

          1. You, Bob, are certainly a major part of the problem in this horrendous election. Just listen to the debasing and disgusting way you speak. You are a course and mean-spirited individual. I certainly hope you are not a teacher espousing your narrow-minded ideology to our innocent kids. Yes, I know it isn’t “cool” to be polite, kind and accepting anymore, but can’t we change that for our kids’ sake?

            A good education is the reach for the future of our country and the world. We need smart, open-minded, out-of-the-box thinkers to solve current and future problems. This comes from education, not the way you and the Trump legions believe.

            As for “Billy Boy”, how do you know he abused women? Both women and men are so enamored by power, wealth and fame, they would throw themselves at that type of person, no “abusing” necessary. Mr. Clinton served eight very prosperous years for our country. And, if you think this “abuse” hasn’t ever happened before, your head is in the sand! We just didn’t have a front-row seat to every little thing 24 hours a day. As for Hillary, it is you, Trumpets, that for some unknown reason think she is a criminal – she didn’t have to coerce or intimidate anyone for her services. Would you refuse a high amount of money for your services? I think not!

            So wise-up, Bob. Promote change without the debasary, nastiness and hate and you will be a better person for it and our children.

            1. Billy paid one woman $850K to shut up with no admission of guilt. He abused Monica and was impeached for his trouble as well as lying. Hillary said he did not ‘do it.’

              And you might check your ability to use the correct word for your ranks.

    3. Hillary Clinton is not an honest person. An honest individual would not have cheated and taken debate questions that were secretly given to her before the debate, thanks to Donna Brazile. Hillary Clinton defended a child rapist and laughed after the trial was over that there was so much evidence against him. She then went on to ruin the reputation of the 12 year old that had been raped. And I could never vote for any individual who defends partial birth abortion.

  8. Free tuition, how will we pay for that? Take away more money from K-12 public education. Pride in ownership needs to prevail! Make student loans at a more affordable interest rate, not give away free tuition, that bankrupted California if we all remember. Provide better career canceling for high school students. Focus on limited yet quality testing, and reducing class size K-3.

    1. How are we gonna pay? Did you know a bunch of taxes, very quietly, went up? Check it out and watch the masses dismiss the increases as ‘what the rich deserve.’ But fear not, there will be plenty of tax increase trickle down as the Obama mess continues.

  9. Week I hope this comment makes it. First of all, I’m voting for Jill Stein to help grow a third party. In 2020 we will have more choices because these two are the worst in history.
    Secondly, it’s very obvious this group is anti-charter. I wrote a long piece in another article explaining the differences between for profit, and non profit, the differences in state charter laws, and state over sight and authorizers. It was never posted to my knowledge. Do you censor comments here?
    There appears to a lack of knowledge regarding charter schools, or limited to your own states experiences. So I ask the group, why are you against charter schools?

  10. I’d like to know why my comment was deleted? Was it because it was pro school choice and charter schools, and because I shared the negative experience my sons had at public schools, including being subjected to a druken incompetent teacher who was protected from being fired by the teachers union due to the fact that he tenure?

    1. Apologies for any inconvenience. Your comment was not deleted. Since it was your first time posting on our site, it was held for moderation to help us reduce spam. Both of your comments have now been posted.

    2. How educated you are to lump teachers together as a cesspool of incompetence. You self righteous ignoramus. Thank the good Lord you aren’t in a classroom. Our children have too many parents like you that offer no solution but more hatred in a world that struggles to understand that all people have good qualities. But then again you are judge and jury.
      Good luck in life. Because remember than “School Choice” is a catch phrase for installing people with little or no pedagogical skills who will lead the next generation into the same incompetence that you display so proudly.

    3. Your situation, although horrible, is not a common occurrence. It is not common practice for any district to allow someone as you described to continue teaching and the union would not protect a teacher with that type of record if it is proven, tenured or not.

    4. If that teacher was not fired, the only protection he or she received was from the school administration. Drinking on the job is gross insubordination and NO UNION would protect that. However, if the administration did not provide adequate documentation, then, perhaps the teacher was not termination.

  11. I’m not claiming to be well informed on all issues, but can share my personal experience with the schooling of my own children. One son who was “termed” gifted, did great in any school he attended. This was due mostly to his own intellect, and also I believe to the fact that most teachers fall into a teaching syle which suits highly academically oriented students ie: ones that can memeorize and retain information well that such teachers teach through books and lectures. However, for my very intelligent other son, who had some learning disabilities, public schools were a disaster. Public teachers did not want to follow the rights offered to my son through the state mandated “rights for students with disabilities. It was impossible to get these teachers to work with them. Every public school he attended, K-12, was out of compliances as far implementing his state mandated 504 plan. The ONLY time his education plan was followed was when I home schooled home and then finally we found a Charter School which was truly student centered, not “teacher” centered. One public school teacher who was a drunk (booze constaintly on his breath) refused to allow my son to do every other math problem that was assigned for home work. His 504 plan allowed every other problem to be done to prove his knowledge. He had a writting disability, as well as ADD. This teacher refused to follow state mandated law. He embarrassed my son in front of others and was absolutely cruel. I was told that because this teacher was only 5 yrs from retirement, they could do nothing. He had tenure. The other teaching staff said that everyone knew that this teacher was incompetent, but that the teachers union was protecting him and all that they could do was wait for him to retire. Shame on the teachers union! I love Charter schools! They embraced my son as a person, realized that he was very smart, and instead off “dumbing him down” challenged him, encouraged him, and he succeeded. Students amd families and tax payers should not be held captive within schools that care more about “teachers rights” than student needs. “

    1. A special needs person in my family started school at a parochial school. Problems were evident, but the school withheld their concerns from the parents because they were not equipped to deal with such a student and wanted to keep a paying customer.

      I’m not saying that all private schools do this, but many private schools are not equipped to offer needed interventions. Many are honest and admit that. Some are equipped to do interventions.

      I have seen a number of special needs students whose needs were not met in private schools and then need interventions to make up for the damage

    2. Unions do not protect bad teachers, if anything good teachers definitely DO NOT WANT BAD TEACHERS TEACHING OUR CHILDREN! Not everyone is good enough for our kids, and the unions makes sure the administration and districts follow due process. Please learn the difference.

      I don’t know how many times I have seen principals and superintendents hire someone we all knew wasn’t good enough to set foot in front of kids…of course no one believes that teachers have any insight on who would be a good teacher.

      If someone isn’t good enough, the union (if the person is even a member) will attempt to make the transition as smooth as possible for THE KIDS. We want a highly qualified educator in all classrooms. Oh, and by the way, tenure doesn’t actually exist, due process does. I have been a teacher for almost 14 years, and if I did something wrong, there is no tenure that would save me. People are so misinformed.

    3. It was NOT the teachers’union protecting him. The teachers’ union does not protect crappy teachers. The administrators did NOT do THEIR job in documenting the the issues. It is the biggest crock of sh… that the union protects incompetent teachers. It is the administrators turning the other cheek instead of doing their job that keeps incompetent teachers.

      1. Correct and intelligent comment. Administrators are really the issue. Think about it. No enterprise, no where, no how, would any enterprise take an individual, give them a few classes and then presto, make them in charge of dozens of professional, knowledge workers. Only teaching.

        So, take an individual who doesn’t want to be a teacher, probably doesn’t like teaching, give them a certificate, bless them with a title, subtly let them know if there is discord in the school they will be fired, and presto, bingo…… an administrator. Guess what you end up with !!

    4. Why did you not engage legal counsel to investigate the poor teacher performance? You say the 504 was not followed and in fact, overtly ignored. I would think that such action would cause a parent to go to their state legislator to get assistance if the local school board would not help or road blocked action.

      Many media outlets love to investigate such blatant rejection of law.

      I can not claim to know all the details of your issue but it seems there were more avenues to explore.

  12. My comment may be a little off topic but A comes before B, does it not? The safety and security of this country comes BEFORE education, jobs and everything else. Trump has the trump card when it comes to this, Hillary does not. Without the safety factor there won’t be any education, jobs etc.

    1. Exactly, but the far left loons out there only care about social issues and not the safety and security of the country and the economy. She has NO record of achievements and should be in jail. I would have been if I did what she did. She thinks she is above the law.

      1. nine of ten recessions are under republicans and research 30 year smear campaign against Hillary,then research hillarys accomplishmentsthen research Hillary is the most admired woman in the world 20 years straight,she has been cleared of everything,the ambassadors family told the world Hillary is innocent the blame is on the shoulders of congress who kept defunding the issue,the state dept has cleared her of the emails,none wre marked c.,,,you are bearing false witness,all countries despise trump except the dictators,he is a rapist/defrauder/racketeer/human trafficker/traitor.who asked Russia to cyberspy americca and owes china/Russia/saudia arabia/many favors and bazillions of dollars.

        1. And let’s add, there is tons of money in making war, if you know the right people. Like Halliburton that didn’t even have to go to bid for the work in Iraq, they were just allowed the job…hum, wonder why?

        2. Hillary Clinton defended the rapist of a 12 year old girl and laughed about it. She then went on to destroy the reputation of the 12 year old victim. She has taken in millions of dollars from foreign governments that treat women as second class citizens. Her “foundation” has a terrible reputation of spending very little for humanitarian causes, but providing an extravagant lifestyle for both Hillary and Bill. And it was just discovered that she had her maid printing classified documents for her.

        1. Trump made himself a billionaire.

          Hillary made herself and family criminals. Trump has more money, but unless Hillary is put in jail, she will have more by her illegal actions. Trumps’ money was made by using laws that the crooked legislature has enacted over the years.

        2. Unlike Hillary, who made her fortune by providing favors for foreign governments, Trump

          The difference between Trump and Hillary is simple. Trump made his money honestly. Hillary took in millions of dollars from foreign governments that then received special favors from our Secretary of State. Her only achievement has been enriching herself.

      2. Lori + Leslie – You’ve been brainwashed by the right’s clever attempt to paint Hillary as a criminal while overlooking the obvious shortcomings of their candidate. With regard to the economy, no political party and/or government for that matter can do much to stop globalization and automation. It’s like a force of nature. The movement of this economy from one dependent on manufacturing to service based has been foreseen for some time. It’s the responsibility of the individual citizen to prepare for it. Why are you blaming the left for this?

        As far as the safety and security of this country, any political party that’s willing to defend the right of persons on a no-fly list to buy guns freely in this country doesn’t have the safety of average citizens at heart. Security starts at home.

        1. Again, confusion. Regardless of what Trump is or isn’t, Hillary is a crook, her husband is a philandering scumbag. Please recall his actions with the intern in the White house. In what universe is oral sex in the white house, involving a 22 year old intern, acceptable for a sitting president? Please tell me……

          She worked to cover up and deny it ever happened.

          1. Bob – If you’re using crookedness and virtue as your main standard for evaluating who is fit to serve, then Trump fails as badly or worse than Hillary. Sorry but a guy who can’t even release his tax returns doesn’t pass the smell test with me.

            1. Good lord, not releasing tax returns is lack of virtue? But supporting a sitting president who has…. well… not sex…. in the White House is virtuous? I am not a deeply religious person, but I do believe that only God can help American at this point.

        2. Hans, you are right. Ted Kennedy should not have been allowed to have a gun. He was on the no-fly list. With your enlightened understanding of the way the government really works, please share with us how one gets on the no fly list and the appeal process to get off.

    2. Without good education, there will be no safety and security. Furthermore, the US invites trouble by meddling in the internal affairs of other sovereign states.

    3. How safe will our country be if President Trump makes the kind of remarks about Putin or other world leaders that he has made about people who ran against him (Low Energy Jeb, Little Marco, Lying Ted, Crooked Hillary)?

      His mouth is dangerous.

        1. Trump’s remarks that praise and endear himself to an authoritarian leader are un-american but you’re more worried about the past of Bill Clinton? Yet you’re supporting a candidate who by his own words display a predatory sexual problem and you’re willing to vote for him? Am I missing something here Bob?

          1. Yes, you are missing something, as are most Hillary supporters. Bill’s actions are Bill’s actions. But Hillary lied about Bill’s actions, then supported him and his actions, and then intimidated those involved. That’s what you are missing. You are missing her years of illegal deals as SEc State where she arranged deals for the Bumpkin. Who, other than those involved with crooked deals with Hillary, would pay that loser $500K for ah hour speech? What could he have in his peanut sized brain that is worth a $500K speech. Follow the money.

            When the Hillabeast gets elected, watch your taxes, compared what she said to what really happens. Grow up and understand how the world really works.

            1. Bob – I must’ve missed something again. I know…it’s your refusal to acknowledge the the predatory sexual conduct of your own candidate while all the while condemning the past of Bill Clinton. I guess you were too busy ranting about Hillary’s unproven criminal conduct of which there are no indictments and zero convictions. Keeping grasping for smoke.

  13. For the 1st time in my voting life I will be staying home for this presidential election. I can not vote for the likes of Trump. As for Hillary being the 1st woman running for president she uses this as a weapon in all her speeches. In addition have we forget she is also the 1st presidential candidate under investigation by the FBI. She has been involved in so many scandals along with Bill that most people need a score card to keep track. Where are the Roosevelt’s, Kennedy’s and Eisenhower’s who ran our country effectively and honesty? There are Americans of that stature who could run but choose not to as the media would destroy them and their family. What have we become????

    1. YES, I too would like to exercise the right NOT to vote….but that would be wrong and show apathy. The candidates are not the best but then I must make sure that I keep in contact with other elected officers on issues that arise and make my voice known and if not heard then I did my best at being an American citizen.

    2. Not voting is a violates your right as an American. Like most Americans, I do NOT like nor think either candidate would represent a positive President. Like said before, apathy does not get anywhere, it just counts as “what everybody else thinks”. I WILL vote. I will vote for who I think is a better choice and do a somewhat better job for the future.

    3. If you really think those Presidents you mentioned were scandal-free than you are sadly mistaken! They just lived as crooked politicians in an era when social media was not around to expose truths and spread lies & rumors! All politicians are crooked in a way. Trump may not be a crooked politician, yet; however, he is a known crooked businessman! Any smart educator that isn’t plagued by racism or hate would vote Clinton because she is the only one with our best interests in mind. She may not be our best choice but she’s better than Trump! I’ve never met a billionaire teacher, but if there is such a person than I would completely understand if they voted for Trump as he only has the best interest of the top 1%. If you really care about the future of our kids you’d vote Clinton. Don’t let Trump’s message of hate, fear, and ignorance blind you and stop you from voting. Not voting is just as bad as voting for him!

    4. Richard she has been cleared of all and all living presidents are voting for her and a group that is repub and only voted for three presidents,those being honest abe and Johnson,will vote for her and numerous lifelong repub universities,she has been cleared of everything and if you do not know that it proves you watch fox and listen to trump,fake scandals,research 30 year smear campaign,the dumbing down of America has truly happened,intelligent folks know Hillary and she is the most admired woman in the world 20 years straight because of it.,,you are sooooo mistaken,a vote for anyone else or no vote is a vote
      for trump,or is that too difficult of a concept?she is the most ethical and honest politician ever,everything else is propaganda,

  14. Your whole letyer shows you are for crooked hillary I see no mention of common core which she endores

    1. What is wrong with common core? Have you read the standards? Not sure how character,setting and plot or narrative and informational writing is so scandalous. Also, teaching kids number sense and problem solving in math doesn’t seem like educational standards worth repealing. The state governors came together to establish common core standards to challenge all students.

      1. What is wrong with CC is PARCC testing and Bill Gates making millions (billions???) off the testing using Pearson tests an Microsoft products. That’s just for starters.

  15. And Chelsea Clinton went to Little Rock Public Schools (Forest Park, Booker Jr. High (now an Arts Magnet Elementary school) and Horace Mann High School), until the Clintons moved into the White House. By the way, these are not the “elite” schools in the LRSD either. They are the schools in the zone where the Clintons were living at the time. Booker Jr. High and Horace Mann High were zoned for the Governor’s Mansion.

    1. Chelsea has apparently been involved with high pay doing little for the Clinton foundation. Shows the apple does not fall far.

      1. Three people think its OK to put your kid on the payroll of a charitable organization and get paid for doing nothing other than deflecting investigations.

  16. I have written Jim Tressel about his support of Charter Schools. He has not responded. What Is it you ask does this have anything to do with this discussion? He will be running for the governor of the state of Ohio. He is a friend of John Kasisch the current governor. He supported the takeover of Youngstown City Schools. The march is on in my great state to destroy public education. Hillary and Trump offer little interest in the Youngstown situation. The charter schools have taken millions from tax payers. We complain about things like this on this and many other websites. None of the political candidates care. It’s sad to say it but they don’t. They want all unions gone. They want to privatize any and all Union jobs. Don’t you get it. It’s not about anything but the continued separation of the have and the have nots.

  17. Hillary Clinton will not be able to stand up to the “corporate education reform” movement as long as John Podesta is her campaign advisor and Ann O’Leary is her education advisor. A simple google search of “John Podesta charter schools” reveals more than you will ever want to know about how Mr. Podesta has – for years – advocated and lobbied (through his think-tank Center for American Progress) for high-stakes testing, Common Core, and charter schools. He also served as Obama’s transition advisor when Arne Duncan was chosen over the more highly regarded and experienced Linda Darling-Hammond as Secretary of Education. To think that Mrs. Clinton will be able to entertain any rational education agenda against his powerful influence and self-interests is naive. To make things worse, Ann O’Leary serves as Hillary’s education advisor and she – in her role as aide to Sen. Clinton – had advised her to vote in favor of the destructive NCLB law. When candidate Clinton recently appeared to waiver in her support of charter schools, Podesta had to convince Eli Broad that she didn’t mean it and would still support corporate education reform. O’Leary also worked overtime to take back Hillary’s words. It is really time for those who are trying to salvage American public education to make these connections public and call Hillary’s campaign out on it. Hillary Clinton needs to feel political pressure that may force her to begin to understand the extent of the damage that the past fifteen years of billionaire-driven education reform has done, not just to the teaching profession, but – more importantly – to the learning process. Unless Hillary feels that she is in danger of losing a significant block of voters, she will see no reason to change…and her closest advisors have been allied with the school privatization agenda for years. The premature endorsement by the NEA takes away any leverage that teachers may have to impact the Democrat platform in rescuing public education from the destructive policies of President Bush and President Obama.

    1. I agree and would add that the Clinton Foundation supports Teach For America. She has to be blind not to see how this supply of cheap, unqualified teachers has lead to lay offs of more expensive qualified teachers and has damaged the bargaining capabilities of teacher unions. But most of all these “teachers” are hired to teach the neediest students. This is nothing less than a crime.

  18. I voted for Bernie in the primary, but I will definitely, and proudly, vote for Hillary in the national election. Still, I don’t see how she can not want free college while at the same time saying no one should graduate in debt. Does she have a plan for making this work? What is it?

    1. I think her stance is that public colleges should be free, but that private colleges would still charge whatever tuition they wish… which, in effect, would make a public college degree nearly worthless…

      1. It is not how MUCH a college degree costs, but the rigor of its institution. I agree that some schools are more prestigious than others, but that is a mix of public and private. That stature should remain if the rigorous enrollment criteria are not changed.

    2. I agree. It seems her position is very confusing. However, if she was clearer, and stated “no support for private schools,” then that would make more sense; since it’s not specifically stated. And also, who are the others not supported by free college? Her position reads contradictory.

    3. Please explain how college can be free? Which professors will teach for ‘free’? Which organizations will pay for the books? Who will buy the buildings? Where will the heat for the buildings come from?

      Free? How????

      1. Come on, all the great comments here, and no one can explain how college can be free? Bernie and Hillary said it will be free, Bernie supports her after his sell out. They said it will be free. Did they lie? Free college, .. free?

  19. i have taught from K-12 in both Public and private schools with a great deal of success. Much depends on the teachers, and the involvement of the parents—Thee important time is in the early years.
    I would suggest that parenting classes be taught in elementary schools and the parents get hands on by aiding and telling stories in the children’s classrooms. Storytelling is a lost art but if it was good enough for the ancient greeks, and threatening enough to the powers that be —the murder of Aesop— there must be something to it .

  20. I think it’s obvious from her statements and associations that Clinton will be bad for public education. Trump would be catastrophic. The choice is obvious, but no one has any reason to feel good about it.

    1. You are right to say that Hilary would be catastrophic, not just on education but everything. She has not proven herself to be an honorable person at all. She is very deceitful. My choice is clear. Trump could do no worse than Hilary but maybe he would consider giving the states more control over education. Can’t be said of control freak Hilary.

      1. That’s a joke, right?! Trump is surrounded by catastrophe because he has NO clue about what he is talking about! He is in full support of charter schools and will only do what’s best for the billionaires trying to privatize education! She was booed for supporting charter schools and knows why! I see her being more apt to change her position for the betterment of education, but Trump is stubborn and would never change, even if the proof is in his face. How any educator could support him is beyond me! If elected, some out of touch billionaire would buy his way into the cabinet and completely screw up public education!

        Her kids were in public school; his have never even stepped foot in one!

        1. Screw up public education? Do you ever read other comments here about unions? Bad teachers being retained? Ignoring Ed Plans? And how is it going to get more screwed up??

      2. I think, but am not sure because the statement above is not completely clear, you are misreading what Ben is saying. He is saying that Clinton is bad, but Trump is catastrophic. Catastrophic is worse than bad. Neither candidate is supportive of public education to the extent that I would like to see. Nor has any president been supportive of public education as they should have been in the last 20 years…and I am not sure about before that. However, comparing the different candidates, I will chose bad over catastrophic. I will chose the status quo over running it into the ground. If Trump were elected and the Republican party has control over the decisions for public education, it WILL be run into the ground. It will favor students who will already succeed in school and broaden the gap between those that have and those that have not. There are too many decisions made at the government level without the experts involved – the teachers who have to do the job of teaching and the child development experts that know what children’s brains need and are capable of at different ages.

  21. Hillary Clinton will not be able to stand up to the “corporate education reform” movement as long as John Podesta is her campaign advisor and Ann O’Leary is her education advisor. A simple google search of “John Podesta charter schools” reveals more than you will ever want to know about how Mr. Podesta has – for years – advocated and lobbied (through his think-tank Center for American Progress) for high-stakes testing, Common Core, and charter schools. He also served as Obama’s transition advisor when Arne Duncan was chosen over the more highly regarded and experienced Linda Darling-Hammond as Secretary of Education. To think that Mrs. Clinton will be able to entertain any rational education agenda against his powerful influence and self-interest is naive. To make things worse, Ann O’Leary serves as Hillary’s education advisor and she – in her role as aide to Sen. Clinton – had advised her to vote in favor of the destructive NCLB law. When candidate Clinton recently appeared to waiver in her support of charter schools, Podesta had to convince Eli Broad that she didn’t mean it and would still support corporate education reform. O’Leary also worked overtime to take back Hillary’s words. It is time for those who are trying to salvage American public education to make these connections public and call Hillary’s campaign out on it. Hillary needs to feel political pressure that may force her to begin to understand the extent of the damage that the past fifteen years of billionaire-driven education reform has done, not just to the teaching profession, but – more importantly – to the learning process. Unless Hillary feels that she is in danger of losing a significant block of voters, she will see no reason to change…and her closest advisors have been allied with the school privatization agenda for years. The premature endorsement of Hillary Clinton by the NEA removed any leverage that teachers might have had to meaningfully shape the Democratic platform relative to corporate education reform and the privatization agenda that has failed America’s students, parents, and citizens under both President Bush and President Obama.

  22. All I see Hillary saying are words that mean nothing. You can’t tell where she stands on anything. Trump though clearer on where expresses opinions that are frightening. We need Berfnie!!!

  23. People who care about achieving an equitable democratically-governed education system for every student regardless of zip code need to push Clinton and all Democrats further. It is not enough to be better than Trump.

    For example, we should:
    • Adopt equitable school funding formulas with revenue from graduated state and federal income and corporate taxes with increases on the most privileged.
    • Mediate the effects of income-related disparities through government-supported services such as universal health care and pre-school.
    • Provide funds to reduce class size.
    • Provide time for teachers’ collaboration and professional growth.
    • Fully fund services for special education and English language learners.
    • Provide support for substantial clinical practice and supervised apprenticeships in university-based teacher preparation programs.
    • Enact laws that require employers to pay workers a living wage.
    • Fund job-creating investments in infrastructure and research.

    Here are a few posts the suggest some of what to fight for.



  24. Please leave the federal and really the state governments out of it! Schools have gone down hill and continue to do so because too many people that do not understand the real problems inside our schools have the greatest ability to make changes. LET THE TEACHERS TEACH!!! And while we are at it, get the lawyers and so called psychologists out also.

    The teachers know when students are unruly and disruptive and who want to learn. However due to lawsuits most administrators have taken a “look the other way” attitude which keeps disruptive student in the classroom making it difficult for those who want to learn to do so.

    Another unjust is that students labeled with some type of disability, (ADHD), get special treatment and have special rules to make them “NOT FAIL” or it will hurt their feelings. Kids without this designation struggle and too bad for them as they can fail. The whole system is out of whack and needs to be closely looked at.

    All parents need to be educated and most of all the legislators need to spend time inside their local classrooms and see what is really going on and then sit and listen to teachers, those on the front lines. The teaches get the blame for failed policies of our government.

    1. Thank you for expressing my feelings exactly. Between the lawyers and politicians and administrators, our schools are out of control. Children are out of control. The teachers have become everyone’s scapegoats. Those of us with advanced degrees and years of experience are being shut up and shut down as non worthy entities. We are the only ones who know the truth about the Education that is really happening and not happening. Teachers need to be highly valued in order for students to succeed!!!

    2. I am a 25 year high school counselor in a large suburban district- whoever wrote this knows what’s going on- too many people directing public education who do not know it. teachers need to be empowered to teach, local control needs to be restored. Public schools are overburdened with the failure of charter schools, on line schools do not teach, uncertified teachers in Detroit public schools, emergency managers-all are destroying public education. I am retiring this year- unions are broken the system is failing due to ignorant policy makers that are self serving and capitalistic- why would anyone want to enter a teaching profession- ?who suffers? Kids, families, the whole of society-discouraged! Lori

      1. Politicians have no business dealing with education. Problem is when you are in office for 20 or 30 years, you control everything in your district.

        Time for term limits.

    3. agree as aformer Spec. Ed. teacher… We need more insights from the FRONT LINES of education! I know of no teacher since 1961 that would believe Hilary has viable answers to the problems that beset education today! She mouths the 1960’s rhetoric for being a ” Liberal.” BC she appears more refined than Trump she appears a better choice, but appearances are what have gotten us into the state we are in today. Students would be better off if parents were more involved and better trained to homeschool than any programs heretofor presented. Montessori preschool is the only way to start a child if you have high academic expectations. Why not ask Montessori people what’s wrong with public schools in America today?

    4. To Rick….”Kids with disabilities and ADHD get special treatment”. PLEASE! Schools get extra money for each and every one of these students and they have the right to accommodations under the “disbility act” and to education! I realize that it takes some extra attention and energy to accomodate these students, but if public school systems would cut the fat at the top and reallocate money into the classroom and add more teaching staff, it would work. Where is your compassion for the bright gifted students with ADD or ADHD? Many require small simple accomodations to help them have success, and many teachers simply don’t want to be bothered.
      Why are teachers always whining about their pay, I wonder. I realized that many work very hard and are dedicated, but let’s not forget that they have chosen a profession that gives them approx 14 weeks off a year. No one talks about that. Most people get 2 to 3 wks off a year. Does any other profession whine when they don’t get full time pay when they essential work part time, with more 3 months off per year? How about putting all the money that is spent to teach and provide translators for children of illegal aliens back into the school system to pay more to teachers. (I care about all children, but the cost of catering to the needs of illegals over citizens is clearly tapping out our schools). How about firing the incompetant teachers and giving merit pay to excellent teachers. The school system is over protective of incompetent lazy or burned outteachers who have tenure and should be replaced. The only reason school vouchers that go with the students to schools that work for the student are not supported by public schools is that the public schools would be accountable for the quality of their services. As a retired teacher and a business owner, i can tell you, that if I ran my business’s finances the way many public school systems run theirs, my business would fail, due to an inability to serve the needs of those consumers I serve….. just as many public schools are. I say all of this realizing that there are many factors contributing to the challenges schools and teachers have, including children who come from dysfunctional homes, overcrowding, etc. But here I am addressing a very common atmosphere in public schools where there is money mismanagement by administrators, poor policy and an attitude that protecting teachers and adminstrators jobs over the needs of students is paramount. I find it very offensive that you are targeting students with disabilities as a major problem. Are you a bigot? For the record, I do agree with you that administrators do need to listen to all of those who actually work within the classrooms for input…teachers and parents included. I also agree that too often the teachers take the “hit” for failed administration policies, which is so wrong. But, dont blame the disabled student!

      1. There are some things you say I agree with, but several that I don’t. First, teachers do not get full pay for a full year, as you say. Teachers get paid for the school year…the summer months off are NOT paid. Many districts do offer payroll to stretch out their pay across the 12 months, but it is for a 10 month salary, or maybe the salary is adjusted across those months in another way. They also do not stop working at the end of the school day. Most teachers continue to work way past the school hours, and even take work home and work on the weekends. There is not enough time in the day to teach, grade papers, learn new curriculum, go to (often pointless) meetings, plan lessons and assessments, prepare supplies, etc. I would say almost MORE work goes into the preparation and evaluating than the actual teaching. The time teachers spend while school is in session is more like an 60-80 hour work week. No joke. Second, despite that “time off,” teachers are almost always working in some way or another, despite not getting paid, or getting paid through workshop rate (which is lower than regular salary) just so they can be a better teacher. Almost every teacher I know either attends some sort of summer training, or is otherwise preparing on their own for the next school year, without getting paid. Many take on a summer job to get through the summer financially. Third, teaching is one of the only professions – if not the only one – that the employees do NOT get paid according to their education level requirements necessary for getting hired in the first place. However, I think most teachers get into teaching because it is something that they feel good about, and it is really more about respect than money that is lacking. Countries that pay their teachers more accordingly also show a more positive outlook and result of their public school system. Fourth, you mention teacher tenure – this is a misused term really. What teacher’s have is a right to due process. This is not in place to protect bad teachers, but is there to protect good teachers. For example, if an administrator comes in and doesn’t like a teacher for really ridiculous reasons, they can make the life miserable for the teacher. If the teacher doesn’t have due process, than the teacher might be bullied and lose their job without warrant. Teachers can and have been fired – but this is up to the administrator to also be doing their job as well, along with HR and the district to follow up. Unfortunately, I would say that we have a bigger problem with administrators who do not know how to do their job than teachers. Many times, these administrators cater to parents or give mixed messages because they cannot be strong enough to say no or to be honest. They do not stand behind the teacher publicly, even though they tell them they do, but then turn around and support the parent. I am not saying that parents shouldn’t be supported – all parties should be supported to figure out a solution. Unfortunately, it has become more and more of an atmosphere that “my child can do no wrong and it is the teacher’s fault” and the administrator plays into that because they don’t want to be sued or argumentative. I have seen decisions being made against the teacher’s expert opinion, just so the parent doesn’t complain. Of course, sometimes I do think the parents is right also, but whatever the decision is, it shouldn’t be made because the administrator is too afraid to make it or is trying to win the support of the parents. I do agree with you on the issue of special education and accommodations for students. Many people who do not have children or do not have children with special needs have no idea what this is like and have no right to make these statements. Simple accommodations can make huge differences for these students, and I have seen many teachers who also need education about this. There was one student who had significant physical deformities that she was born with that made it uncomfortable for her to sit on the carpet or for long periods in a chair. All she wanted was a seat cushion for her chair and the teacher was adamant about giving too many accommodations as it wasn’t fair to the other students. The child was moved to my class, and I had no problem with making these accommodations, and the child had a successful year. Many people have huge misconceptions about ADHD. ADHD is NOT caused by moral failure, poor parenting, family problems, poor teachers or schools, too much TV, food allergies, or excess sugar. Instead, research shows that ADHD is both highly genetic (with the majority of ADHD cases having a genetic component), and a brain-based disorder (with the symptoms of ADHD linked to many specific brain areas). It is not anyone’s fault.

        Now, I don’t have solutions. The whole educational system is a big mess. They have tried to tackle it the wrong direction – through too much testing, too many regulations and standards, and not enough time for teaching. Not enough time for kids to be kids. Not enough time for kids to have active play, to use their imagination, and to have time for music, art, science, and PE. Not enough time for kids to learn how to get along with others and build relationships. I think many kids do not play outside the home as I did when I was a child. Instead, they are playing video games and the like. Or they are playing sports, which IS good, but they aren’t getting enough social interaction. I think that our class sizes should be smaller at ALL grade levels, not just K-3rd. That teachers should have more opportunity to work in small groups, be given more autonomy on how and what they use to meet the standards. I think the standards should be more developmentally appropriate. While I don’t support school vouchers and definitely do not support corporate-run charters (who are only there to make a buck), I do think that magnet programs and schools that have a focus are interesting concepts – like a school that has an art focus or a science focus. Our schools used to have those, but our district started to try to dismantle them and definitely do not promote the ones that exist. My daughter went to a performing arts school and it was by far the best experience of any of my kids. It was a public magnet school.

        1. You are right on the mark about so many things…. I was struck particularly about your comments regarding tenure. I taught public school for approximately 14 years, including two years of long-term subbing. My first seven years at full-time teaching were spent in several schools of a smaller town, some at a rural school. I had few problems, and the parents were on the whole, supportive. Then due to dropping enrollment, I was moved to another school in the city itself, with an administrator who was dedicated to sucking up to the parents and the good-old-boy superintendent…. he pressured older teachers to leave since we were at the top of the pay scale, and bullied those he didn’t like for one reason or another. I was under constant very personal pressure from him for five years, and finally, moved to another state due to my husband’s work. The man was a monster and I spent more time rebutting to nasty letters he placed in my personnel file than I did preparing for my classroom. That sort of thing is unacceptable. The old superintendent finally retired and I went to the new man in charge with my problem — he immediately had a chat with my principal, told him to leave me alone, and the rest of my year was peaceful and productive. I left after that year but never taught again. I heard later from other teachers, that he continued to lean heavily on some of them, but then his temper got the better of him and he struck a student. He was then demoted to a different administrative position (no longer in charge of students and teachers…) and I’m sure all of his teachers breathed a loud sigh of relief.

  25. A vote for Trump is a vote for segregation. Charter schools are a scam for profits that will not help kids nor teachers. Charter schools will turn to vouches and the vouchers will lose value, then the cost of tuition will go higher. Parents will use a voucher and pay thousands from their pockets. It’s good business. I hope teachers and parents understand segregation was not a positive for schools and economics of the nation. Education is the only key to solve our world problems per Dr. David Souza.

  26. I lo e how most of Trump’ s responses were from 2000. Has anyone asked his position now? Yes, Obamacare has given many youth necessary healthcare, but costs for healthcare has skyrocketed, making it more difficult for schools to afford their budgets. How many students have suffered because costs had to be cut elsewhere. This article is written by people that supported Clinton over people that produced results in education, like Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee. I am not a fan of Trump, but Clinton has done nothing to improve education.

    1. Doesn’t Ben Carson think that the pyramids where built to hold grain? I’m not sure what kind of “results in education” you are wanting, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be the positive kind with Mr. Carson (or Trump) in charge.

  27. Any teacher who supports Trump is a fool. He would be a disaster for education, the economy and International relations. As teachers we teach kids to stand up to bullies, Trump is the biggest bully.

    1. Don’t know where you teach, but where I am teachers are taught to encourage students to ignore bullies, turn the other cheek and run and tell.

      1. Or, other kids, guided by involved parents, teach their kids how to deal with bullies. Ignore what others say and be your own person, not relying on a school to solve all your problems.

    2. Your calling educators fools who support Trump says something about your own character…”Never does a man portray his own character more vividly than in his manner of portraying another’s.” I admit I’m one of the ‘fools’ voting for Trump. I’ve done my research regarding the Clinton’s and there’s absolutely no way I can vote for her, fearing for the future of my kids and grand kids. But, if you like the direction our country is taking, by all means vote for Hillary….a 3rd term for Obama. God Bless America….we need it badly.

      1. You have not done your homework if you think any educator should vote for Trump. Totally bad for education and the middle class. Do a better job with your research sweetie.

  28. It’s true that politicians are generally removed personally from the intricacies of public education. They do not send their children to public schools. However, Trump is likely to look at education in business terms, whereas Clinton might be more open to actually learning about and giving consideration to public education.

  29. Neither Hillary nor Trump know enough about K-12 Education to take the right decisions, nor are they in a position to know what is going on because they are insulated from rank and file teachers. Hillary has said “my doors will always be open”. I do not think her doors will be open to rank and file teachers if she becomes President.
    As a teacher, I have sought meetings with senators, congressmen, congresswomen, governors, and superintendents of boards of education in different states. Not even one of them agreed to meet me or talk to me. They are intentionally distancing themselves from those who voted them into office – this is one quality that is common to Republicans and Democrats.

    1. I agree. Public education is in the middle of a battle to allow a corporate takeover of the system. Both Democrats, who promoted “race to the top” and Republicans, who encourage “vouchers” and “charter schools” are whistling the same tune. They are also whistling for the same audience.

    2. When I took a Grad course on “Childhood Education in Our Society” around 1990, I was assigned articles to read written by Hillary Clinton. She is knowledgeable on the topic of Education, has an interest in Education, and has been an advocate for Pre-K and Public Education for many years. After all, She went to Public School.

      1. A teacher who has taken graduate level courses should be familiar with the rules of capitalization. I counted ten errors in three sentences.

        1. This is exactly what I’m getting at in reference to the political climate today discussed in my Aug. 13, 2016 response!

      2. And the Hillabeast knows how to make money. Billie the woman abuser left office $500K in debt, now the famous couple is worth over $150 million. Real philanthropists

  30. Being a jazz musician AND teacher, I’m certainly biased. That being said, the majority of my experience teaching was nearly two decades in Germany at a University, a public school, and privately. The public school experience had the most profound impact on me, in terms of it’s contrast with our public school system. One major difference, and most pertinent to this discussion, is that their public schools are federally funded… solely….no school depends on the vagaries of local tax bases, thereby ensuring that all school have the same quality of, well, everything… facilities, faculty, curriculum…….ergo, kids in low income areas have the exact same education and positive exposure as kids living in, e.g. a wealthy suburb. That alone enables a huge (sorry) “leveling the field” of socio-economic opportunities.

    1. Europe is socialistic. The government at a federal level runs essentially everything. This is the United States, not a single federal entity as this country’s socialists would like to believe.

  31. I do not understand how any teacher or any parent who cares about the education and welfare of his or her child could vote for Trump.

    1. I do not understand how any teacher or parent who cares about lawful action and the future of America could vote for Hillary.

  32. Hillary is the clear presidential candidate. The NEA should clearly endorse Hillary. Her positions on education support children and teachers. Go Hillary 2016

    1. No educational association should endorse any candidate. It is insulting to the members for a group to tell you for whom your should vote. The organization ought to list …. impossible, but….. in a very objective manner, the candidates positions backed by credible sources. The leadership of the NEA etc. could pretend they think do not think their members are stupid.

    1. I have been looking for the same information. However, a vote for the dump is a vote for everything negative! John Jackson has it right. The Koch brothers and A.L.E.C. are behind breaking public education and then riding in on their white horses to “save public education” by funding private, for profit charter schools with public dollars. Reading A.L.E.C. policy and information is quite illuminating and scary!

  33. I have seen the legacy of the Clinton commitment to public education in Arkansas. They created, funded and mandated early childhood education opportunity for all children in Arkansas.

      1. For those who think asking where did the money come from is a thumbs down, perhaps they could share with everyone else the answer to the question. Last I knew, money did not grow on trees, but generally is found in the paychecks of hardworking taxpayers and corporations. But maybe the Clinton’s commitment found money somewhere else?

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