Watch NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia’s DNC speech


NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia spoke on Monday, July 25 at the Democratic National Convention.

Muy buenas tardes, compañeros.

What an honor to be here representing the nearly three million educators of the National Education Association.

My story isn’t so different from my students’ stories: My mom is an immigrant. My dad served in the Army. My parents worked hard so that their six kids could have a chance to get ahead. And they were so proud when I became a teacher.

But today, too many students in our classrooms feel like they won’t get the chance I got, especially those from immigrant families. They tell us they’re afraid that their parents might be taken away, that they might be deported for not having the right piece of paper.

Hillary Clinton believes families should be together. She believes in our DREAMers. And she believes educators should be focused on education—not deportation.

Donald Trump sees things…differently. My mom says that if you can’t say something nice about somebody, at least make it funny. But I can’t make this funny. Donald Trump sees immigrants as criminals, drug dealers, rapists. He’d round up families and deport them. He’d build a wall.

We’re better than that. Our kids deserve better than that.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to divide people with walls of hate. She wants to build bridges to a better future for all.


Reader Comments

  1. Saludos a cada educador y educadora del Universo entero desde donde me encuentro.Soy una facilitadora en la jornada vespertina y pido mi trabajo permanente ya tengo dos maestrias en mi historial academico.
    Bueno, pido para que cada docente en el Universo entero me ayude a construir el Universo entero de Primer Mundo en beneficio mio y de la humanidad entera.
    Sabes, ya estan probadas cada una de las facultades del cerebro.Usemoslas siempre y para siempre con el bien.

  2. Lily!
    Just reviewed your speech! Thank you for speaking out so powerfully for all THREE MILLION educators you represent!! I am proud of “you” and each and every educator past, present and yes, those who deem it their future to be educators, as well.

    I always have felt that it was my job to impart right “information” and that in doing so I empowered my students to deal with their future.

    Right is Might!
    Information is Power!
    Always has been! Always will be!

    Thank you for your excellent work in representing the educators of America!
    I am looking forward to November when all “three million” plus educators and their extended families and friends show up on Election Day to make Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States of America!!!

  3. Lily;
    Your delivery was spectacular! Thank you for representING us all at the Democratic National Convention! I am a proud NEA member from the great State of Texas!!!

  4. Proud to be a retired teacher and NEA/ CEA member who will vote for Hillary. Thank you eLily for speaking up for immigrants and all the other people Trump has threatened.

  5. Proud to be a life member of NEA and MEA for 42 years. Just tired of national and state legislatures beating up on teachers and other school personel for years.

  6. Loved the speech. Well said. I am a proud retired life member of the NEA. Lily is a great spokesperson. Listen educators. We want someone who respects us. Vote for Hillary.

  7. Awesome. The best I have heard so far outside of the first lady. Our kids matter. How about ‘ ‘make our kids great again’

    Ms. Henry

  8. Lily,
    I just listened to your address to the DNC. Poised and powerful as always! Proud to be part of the NEA. Proud to have represented my colleagues at the last two NEA RAs. Thank you for your continued support for marginalized students and educators!

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