President Obama to use executive orders to advance immigration reform


Frustrated with Congress’ inability to pass a sensible reform bill, President Obama is pledging to use his executive power to make changes to the nation’s broken immigration system.

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The President made the announcement last week during a news conference at the White House and is also asking his team to report back to him on the range of actions he could possibly take—without input from Congress—to impact the status of 11 million immigrants who want nothing more than to become citizens of the country they already call home.

Prior to his announcement, President Obama met with immigration advocates for about an hour and told them the wait is over and that he’s going to be looking at the full range of options at his disposal through executive orders.


Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has asked Congress for $3.7 billion to address the influx of child migrants crossing the southwest border and Rio Grande from Central America. The White House is avoiding legislative language calling on the unaccompanied children to be deported more quickly to their home countries.

I believe Speaker Boehner when he says he wants to pass an immigration bill. I think he genuinely wants to get something done. But last week, he informed me that Republicans will continue to block a vote on immigration reform at least for the remainder of this year. Some in the House Republican Caucus are using the situation with unaccompanied children as their newest excuse to do nothing. Now, I want everybody to think about that. Their argument seems to be that because the system is broken, we shouldn’t make an effort to fix it. It makes no sense. It’s not on the level. It’s just politics, plain and simple.

Educators from across the nation recognize the importance of common-sense immigration reform. Teachers and education support professional see first-hand the fear and distress the nation’s broken immigration system has caused to students, families, and entire communities.

The National Education Association, which represents about 3-million educators nationwide, believes that immigration reform should do the following:

  • Address the millions of students and young adults who were brought here as children by their parents;
  • Preserve family unity; and
  • Create a realistic path to citizenship for the aspiring citizens who call America home.

We need you to follow the President’s lead and do what you can on behalf of the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are living in the shadows of opportunity. Sign our pledge and send a message to Washington politicians to make comprehensive immigration reform a priority.

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